Our goal is to set off a global mental and social health movement with the RYM team, AYBOS Marketing and the described networks. We are asking that all citizens go to our RYM social medias and start dialoguing about the mental and social issues that they may see others struggling with including themselves. There is no greater need for this type of movement than now. The objective of reaching our goal is to get every D.A., attorney, psychologist, mental health case manager, social human service project director, judge, and criminal justice advocate involved in this movement. We are looking for a combined effort to help in the “Rebuilding The Mind” process. 

Step 1  Turn on your recording device

Step 2  Explain who YOU are briefly and why YOU decided to join the challenge?

Step 3  Share, in your video, the mental health experiences that personally affect YOU and how YOU deal with them in a healthy/ unhealthy way.

Step 4  Challenge 3 people that you feel will also accept the challenge and challenge THEIR own 3 people to take these 3 steps and come forth to express the mental health experiences that personally affect THEM and how THEY deal with them in a healthy/ unhealthy way!

Rebuild Your Mind Challenge Videos

Rebuild Your Mind Instruction Video
Senate Candidate Andrew Romanoff
CCD Student Ambassador Melissa De LaO
Pres. Of Denver FOP #27 Deputy Mike Jackson
New Scholars Press Author Noel Chalman

Mental Health Relief Alternatives

RYM Mental Health relief Alternatives include several therapeutic modalities, community organizations and natural projects for system detoxification, to name a few.

Ezzat Moghazy of My Best Healer
Calyn Crow
Project Mental Health Freedom
Amari Global
The Phoenix
3 Little Birds Therapy

RYM: Initiative Explanation & Message

The Rebuild Your Mind Initiative (RYM) was developed by AYBOS Marketing to take an aggressive approach in identifying, destigmatizing/ treating Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs) and Mental Health Disorders in three targeted areas in the State of Colorado. Our goal is to provide the targeted environmental communities with neuropsychological screenings, mental health assessments, treatments and services (including Mental Health Housing).

AYBOS Advocacy Services

Through AYBOS Advocacy, the courts reconsidered a 300 + year habitual sentence, reducing it to a sixteen-year suspended sentence with eight-years mental health probation. Case # 16CR381 District Court Room 5G, Judge Brian Whitney. Other advocacy to include: Kieth Parker, Sena, Derrek Cobb, Muhammed, Elijah Hood (See RYM Advocacy videos)

AYBOS Marketing Advocacy Services
AYBOS Advocacy at 2nd Chance Challenge
Dr. Mary McNeil Jones, Mental Health Therapist & Community Pillar plea for property care assistance
AYBOS Marketing and Project Mental Health Freedom, Advocating in Criminal Justice System
AYBOS Marketing showing social responsibility to our community
AYBOS Marketing Advocating For Inmates To Help Reform The Criminal Justice System Through the RYM