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Our goal is to initiate a global mental and social health movement with the RYM team, AYBOS Marketing and the described networks.  We are asking that all citizens engage with our RYM media(s) and dialogue about the mental and social issues that they may see others struggling with, including themselves.  There is no greater need for this type of movement than now.

The objective of reaching our goal is to get every D.A., attorney, psychologist, mental health case manager, social human service project director, judge, and criminal justice advocate involved in this movement.  We are looking for a combined effort to help in the “Rebuilding The Mind” process.

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AYBOS Marketing is dedicated to shedding light on these illnesses in the courts and the news. AYBOS is running an aggressive mental health initiative in the "Rebuild Your Mind Challenge" (RYM). Click here to read the story of how the RYM Challenge began on Yahoo Finance:


RYM was developed by AYBOS Marketing to take an aggressive approach in identifying, destigmatizing and treating Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs) and Mental Health Disorders in three targeted areas in the State of Colorado. The challenge is inspired by the findings of Dr. Kim Gorgens and her colleagues in an effort to make Colorado the most efficient trauma-informed, trauma-conscious and trauma-responsive state. Read the story here about Dr. Kim Gorgens' work with RYM & AYBOS Marketing


AYBOS is also currently the principle grant investigators for a grant to fund the Rebuild Your Mind Initiative, as well as drafters of a new neuropsychological/ psychological Bill to advance the efforts of the RYM Team.